Baraka "Beautiful All Together"

It is a great pleasure to spend your holiday at Baraka Hisarönü surrounded by a breathtaking beauty, where you can find every shades of blue and green, especially when you are together with your friends that you can share this pleasure with. Reserve minimum 3 rooms for yourself and your family and friends with the “Baraka is beautiful when it is enjoyed all together” package.

Spiritual Detox in Hisarönü

We are inviting you to Baraka which has a reputation for its quiet atmosphere and nature, to rest your mind. Would you like to make time for yourself, to participate in creative workshops, to explore the nature, and to practice yoga with your friends in the middle of the nature? We are waiting for you at Baraka to explore all colors of the nature and the sea.

A romantic getaway

Are you ready for a romantic holiday in touch with the nature? We are bringing comfort to you with special areas where you will feel every color of the nature and share unforgettable memories while resting in the middle of blue and green colors.

Boat Sailor Friends in Baraka

This summer, we are heading off to Hisarönü Baraka Hotel and crowning the holiday with a unique experience of nature! We are providing many advantages in Hisarönü Baraka Hotel offered specially to our boat sailor friends who want to enjoy a holiday with the spectacular beauty of Hisarönü Gulf, we are serving as an animal friendly hotel.