Marmaris, a town once situated on the silk road, has born witness to countless historic civilizations thanks to its idyllic situation along the Mediterranean and Aegean sea. For centuries pilgrims have journeyed to this area to rest and re-connect in the land once blessed by the local legend of Hemithea, the goddess of healing. Baraka, nestled within these lands, pays homage to the healing surroundings, the people who live here and travel by and the culture celebrated among them.

We are a tight knit hotel with cozy rooms and comfortable spaces that foster creativity, growth and learning. Join our family, join our journey.


Beautiful hikes, secret waterfalls, indigenous plants, the sea, the mountains, the forests all within reach.


Our employees are our family, and as a guest you too become part of this harmony. In this, we do our best at making you feel at home.


A creation curated by the team who works here, the guests who travel by, the community living in the area and all other weird and wonderful things.