We gather at Baraka temporarily to experience what the land, culture and people have offer to us. Our little home grows through an exchange of ideas shared with one another and nature herself. Each week we curate a set of activities, adventures and gatherings that spark life into our little home, take a peek at whats up next and we will see you at the meeting point.

Sunrise Yoga

The perfect way to start the day, Sunrise Yoga is given by our instructor Tuesday to Sunday. The class is fit for both beginners and experienced yogis on our garden. Join for a peaceful start of the day.

Ceramic Course

Our ceramic course is designed to express yourself by using clay. Learn the basic molding techniques and go free with your creativity. After the clay has set, you can take your masterpiece with you as a souvenir of your creative time in Baraka!

Food Courses

Our talented chefs teach you the delicacies of our cuisine. Each week we join the different courses and learn new dishes from the traditional pide to the classic profiterole. After the course is done enjoy your creation with your friends and family.


Happy Hour

In our two-hour, musically entertaining and upbeat happy hour, get a discount on beverages while sharing the best time of your vacation with friends, family and other Baraka people!

Billiard Tournament

You can most definitely use the billiard table whenever you desire! However, if you join the tournament on the dedicated times and demonstrate your skill with the billiard cue, you can win a surprise and prove yourself on the age-old game. May the best player win!

Şelale Turu

With its proximity to Baraka, you have the perfect opportunity to visit one of Marmaris’ greatest natural wonders ,the Turgut Waterfall. Not only will you be able to experience the great energy of the forest and the waterfall, you can also swim and enjoy the clean refreshing water.

Open Air Cinema

Three times a week, join us in our common fireplace to watch a movie projected to a sail boat on land, which creates a one-of-a-kind view. Don’t forget to take a bowl of our freshly popped popcorn!

Darts Tournament

In between your swimming sessions, feel free to join us on our dart tournament. If you excel at it, don’t forget to claim your reward!


Baraka Hat designing

Baraka’s signature is its hats, every guest that joins us gets given one as a gift. Join our hat designing hour to create your own unique design and show it off at Baraka and back at home.

Sunset Pilates

After a lazy day, join the pilates class for the perfect opportunity to stretch your muscles with our professional Pilates instructor.

Soul Painting

Join the soul painting hour if you are a painter or not and just express yourself in this hour dedicated to art in our Arts & Crafts corner.

Beach Volleyball

Located next to our quiet beach, you can join us to play volleyball while the sun is setting over Hisaronu. If you are an amateur or an experienced player, you are welcome to play and sweat your energy off!

Board Game nights

After a day full of sun and swimming, you can spend your time to bond with your friends at Sofa and play board games such as Scrabble, Backgammon, Poker Cards, UNO and more.


If you have ample energy and you want to do some active sports, you can join us to play Badminton and discard your energy while having a fun, active time.

Canoeing and Paddle Boards

If you enjoy being on the water at all times, you can rent a Canoe or Paddle board and sail away to the sunset!


If you’re into the nature, active life and walking; hiking is the perfect activity for you! You can join us in our early morning hikes to view the sunrise while doing your daily sport.

Visit to Hemithea Temple

Being 15 minutes away from Baraka, Hemithea temple is one of the greatest historical and hidden places around this area. Hike or drive to the hidden temple and live history in the mountains of Marmaris.