Baraka Hisarönü

Come, join our journey.

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The advantages of traveling with your friends
Baraka is beautiful all together


You will find inspiration here!

Baraka is an ever changing and evolving space created by the individuals that live here and those that travel by.

Come join our journey.

Marmaris, a town once situated on the silk road, has born witness to countless historic civilizations thanks to its idyllic situation along the Mediterranean and Aegean sea. Baraka, nestled within these lands, pays homage to the healing surroundings, the people who live here and travel by and the culture celebrated among them.


Gather around the communal tables with the Baraka family for themed meals that are best shared!


We have your mid-day rumbles covered with our exclusive beverages menu, while you are lounging by the great view.


Everything in the Baraka has a rhythm, chill with the sound of music speacially tailored for your relaxation.


Garden or sea view with balcony


Sofra, Sofa Disco and many more...